In 1895 Chiropractic was born in the office building of a healer named D.D. Palmer. Our profession has gone through a lot over the last 125 years. We've seen lots of growth, miracles, won a lawsuit against the AMA for trying to secretly target & eliminate the Chiropractic profession, and have ...

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...Go out there and get it done on your own! You got this!

With love from Docs Steve & Heather

T.R.A.I.L. Chiropractic - Win it Wednesday
(The Real Answer Is Love)
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Schedule & Pricing: http...

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Daily exercise, even just 10 minutes, will benefit you greatly. Make it fun. If you like the gym, then use the gym, if you like a sport, then play the sport, but do it daily for at least 10 minutes for optimal benefit to your body.
With love from Docs Steve & Heather
T.R.A.I.L. Chiropractic -...

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If you're in a part of the country with hazardous air quality due to fires like here in Springfield, OR I recommend not going outside, but if you must please follow these guidelines:

1) Wear an appropriate mask: Wear a respirator-style mask like the N95 if you have one. A surgical mask may hel...

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Most parents say they would die for their children; we challenge you to Live for them instead. Mentor them; help them discover who they are; challenge them and show them what being healthy is. Quit smoking, eat healthy whole foods you prepare at home, make clean water your primary source of flu...

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1) Stay inside with windows and doors closed (If windows or doors are drafty (leaky) then lay wet towels in gaps to better keep smoke out)

2) Keep Calm (Relax) and do not engage in strenuous activity

3) Wear a respirator style mask if you have to be in the smoke or if you are inside a dwelling ...

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Take time to chill and find your breath daily, even multiple times a day. Life is stressful and it is beneficial to step back and relax regularly. Perform 4x4 breathing to help calm your nervous system. If you're not sure what that is, please ask me.

We love you.

Docs Steve & Heather


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At TRAIL Chiropractic we see and love you for the perfectly unique human being that you are. Be encouraged that there is no one like you anywhere; no one that offers exactly what you have except you. We love you. Drs. Steve & Heather

T.R.A.I.L. Chiropractic - Terrific Tuesday
(The Real Answer Is...

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Get up and move throughout the day. When your at your desk set a timer for 30-40 minutes and when it goes off get up and get a glass of water, or go to the bathroom, or just stand up and walk around your chair and sit back down if you're in the zone, but move nonetheless. This movement pumps the ...

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2 months ago
I have seen Dr Steve recently when he help put me back together from a fall. After a few simple adjustments and NO not the harsh snap crackle pop kind of adjustments. He does very minor adjustments and I was good to go again... but he is more than just a simple adjustment. Dr Steve will take the time to get to know you, your life and life style and helps you learn new was to be healthier!
- Julianne H
7 months ago
I absolutely love this place! I try to get in weekly for adjustments. My body feels so much better after a few weeks of going here and it suspect it will be even better after a few months. I love that Heather and Steve educate on all the benefits of seeing a chiropractor and what it can do for our body and general health. I also love that it's affordable!
- Sarah J
7 months ago
Steve at Trail Chiropractic is absolutely amazing, he is the best chiropractor I have ever had, I've been seeing a chiropractor since I was 18 so for the past 25 years he is the one that helps me feel better every time I see him. He is gentle and makes you feel comfortable. He takes time to really treat your body as a whole to help you have long term health and wellness.
- Serena K

About Dr. Steve

Steve Waltner is a traditional doctor of Chiropractic in Springfield, Oregon that specializes in an extremely low force, comfortable and very specific chiropractic technique that anyone from a newborn baby to an elder adult can be peacefully adjusted with. "Dr. Steve" uses chiropractic to help people's bodies, via the central nervous system, perform optimally so they can be their most vibrant and loving expressions of themselves. He welcomes all people groups regardless of age, race, gender and orientation and is currently accepting new patients in Springfield, Oregon. 

"Since I was a child my parents instilled in me a heart of service for others.  In my new capacity as a business owner in the Springfield/Eugene area I am partnering with local charities and local businesses to help give back to my community.  I believe that the heart of small business comes from a love of the community.  Check out our facebook page or the Updates area here in our Google business site to see who we are currently working with in the community to help give back.  If you feel led to serve you local community please consider partnering with us.  Much love, Dr. Steve"

Make an appointment with Dr. Steve today at 541-525-0082 or schedule online at TrailChiropractic.janeapp.com

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for current events, contests, community outreach and more: 

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